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Kenya: Digitalization, trade and development

Digitalization is impacting every aspect of production and trade, from the largest corporations to the smallest trade, but there is a risk that it wil...

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Economic Digitalization fast-tracked thanks to High-speed internet

Productivity gains from digitalization however may accrue mainly to a few, already wealthy and skilled individuals.  Winner-takes-all dynamics are ty...

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10 Reasons we started using CRM

Communication is the basis of all business, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the process of tracking and analyzing all of of the interact...

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Top 10 Privacy Search Engines

Yesterday was world privacy day, and we each used a privacy search engine and personally i have to say i am hooked. We tested 12 of them but we will o...

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Perks Of Good Branding

In theory, competing products often satisfy common wants. Say company A and Company B both produce cars, their product serve to enable movement from o...

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