Client: Arinifu Technologies

Date: March 2020

Kuku Smart is a comprehensive management app designed to empower chicken farmers and revolutionize how they operate their businesses. With a mobile and web app, Kuku Smart provides farmers unprecedented control over their chicken farming activities, integrating cutting-edge technology to streamline farm management processes.

Key Features:

  •    Mobile and Web Applications: Farmers gain access to a user-friendly mobile app and web app, offering a seamless experience managing their chicken farms. The intuitive interfaces provide a centralized platform for efficient farm management.
  •     Data-Driven Insights: Kuku Smart goes beyond conventional farming practices by incorporating data-driven insights. Farmers receive recommendations based on insights from Kenya's leading livestock research institutes, enhancing decision-making and optimizing farm productivity.
  •     Smart Brooder Technology: The innovation doesn't stop at apps! Kuku Smart introduces the Smart Brooder, a smart device integrated into chicken coops. This device facilitates data collection, providing real-time information on environmental conditions and ensuring optimal conditions for the poultry.