Client:  Mwendani Media Group

Date:  June 2022

We are proud to collaborate with Mwendani Media Group, a dynamic broadcasting company based in Embu, Kenya, to enrich local communities with news and content in Kiembu, Kirinyaga, and Kitharaka dialects. Our partnership has resulted in developing a comprehensive website and app, fostering a seamless connection between Mwendani Media Group and its audience.

Key Features:

  • Interactive Website: Mwendani Media Group's website serves as a news-sharing hub and provides a platform for users to listen to Mwendani Radio. The website is designed with user-friendly navigation, ensuring an engaging experience for visitors seeking the latest news updates.
  • Mwendani Radio App:  The Mwendani Radio app offers a convenient way for listeners to access live broadcasts and contact the station directly. The app enhances the user experience, providing a streamlined interface for tuning into Mwendani Radio on the go.
  • Upcoming Mwendani TV:  Currently in development, Mwendani TV is set to elevate the broadcasting experience. The expansion into television will provide audiences with a visual dimension to complement the trusted news coverage and cultural content delivered by Mwendani Media Group.

We remain dedicated to supporting Mwendani Media Group's mission to connect, inform, and entertain local communities. Our team is actively involved in bringing Mwendani TV live, ensuring a seamless integration of the television platform into the existing digital ecosystem.