Client :  Taximini Agency

Date: November 2019

Razor Informatics takes pride in presenting mTransport, a cutting-edge system designed exclusively for Taximini Agency, redefining the landscape of long-distance travel. This innovative platform empowers users to easily book seats on select transport Sacco vehicles remotely, revolutionizing how people travel and eliminating the need for inconvenient commutes to central locations.

Key Features:

  •    Seamless Booking Experience: Users can conveniently book and pay for their desired seats through the intuitive mTransport system, providing a hassle-free reservation process.
  •     Remote Accessibility:  Say goodbye to unnecessary trips to Nairobi! mTransport enables users to book long-distance travel from the comfort of their homes, saving time and reducing inconvenience.
  •     Designated Stops:  Users can wait for their booked bus at designated stops, eliminating the need to travel to central hubs. This strategic approach enhances accessibility and convenience for passengers.
  •     Real-time Bus Tracking: Stay informed about your journey! mTransport allows users to track the approaching bus in real-time, providing a sense of control and certainty about their travel plans.

Empowering Taximini Agency:
mTransport positions Taximini Agency at the forefront of innovation in the transportation sector. This system enhances customer satisfaction and streamlines operations for the agency, promoting a modern and customer-centric approach.