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10 Reasons we started using CRM

10 Reasons we started using CRM
29 Nov, 2018 By Ian Munene News 580

Communication is the basis of all business, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the process of tracking and analyzing all of of the interactions you have with your customer and prospects. CRM software is a tool that centralizes, simplifies, secures and scales our customer engagement.

1. Grow the Business

One word prospecting, make sure any CRM you use has a category of a customer who is a prospect and if the customer doesn’t order anything for a given period he/she becomes a prospect and should be contacted.

2. Reminder

When a customer says they cannot make a sale for now because of one reason or another and they may consider at the end of the month or fiscal year, CRM is there to remind the sales team to call them and make the sale, drop in on the customer and come up on top.

3. Automated Communication

As stated earlier communication is a step towards business, with a CRM that can contact customers on a specific group for specific offers, you can do more withe less staff, especially with a start-up.

4. Metrics

Even if you are a lone freelancer metrics keeps you moving, strait from the dashboard you can see who you need to contact, who is doing more with you and so much more, repeating what is working and dropping what is not.

5. Handling mass mailing

If you have a message you want to shout out by a click of an button, the email is bcc to every customer with a torch of personalisation. Sending a free ebook or a new post you thing a specific group of customers may enjoy.

6. Reports

Know who is closing deals with cool graphs, details such as top sales person each week, and who to award to keep the ball rolling.

7. Lets you keep in touch

While working and growing your business it is easy to forget some clients and not contact them for a long while which may lead you loosing your business, but from weekly reports or by checking your graphs you can see which accounts have not been contacted in a while.

8. Create Categories and Tags

Group your customers and prospects into tags and category to easily reach a specific group and soon as possible, example those that love a good deal put a tag such as ‘deals’, when business is low make offers and send then notification on the same.

9. Cross Platform and Services

A CRM that lets you connect to other services that you use and inter-grate well with them, example you have been using Google drive as Document Management system, it needs to connect to Google drive and retrieve file while communicating with clients, or even a invoicing system to retrieve customer data.

10. Every one on the same page

Lone wolves sales people look good on tv, but when mess up happens like two sales people book two appointments to see a single client on the same time, you may loss a client that way. When communicating with a client they assume as they should that you know their pass information and interactions. So if you are missing information, it reflects poorly on your company as a whole.

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