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Automate your Chama with DigiChama

Automate your Chama with DigiChama
23 Jan, 2019 By Mureithi Maina News 686

DigiChama is a free chama management system built to help table banking groups in Kenya easily manage their group membership and increase transparency in the groups. The system has many modules that can be enabled and disabled at anytime by the leadership of the chama (Chair, Treasurer and Secretary). All operations are recorded and easily viewed in the dashboard by any member in the group. The modules are :

  • Goals - Also called investments. a chama creates a goal and time to get there and money needed and each member contribution towards the goal. example buy acre of land for 50000 each member contribute 1000 per month for 12 months.
  • Merry Go Round. Money contributed is given to member usually for his or her development agenda, all members contribute the amount.
  • Loans. 
  • Soft Loans - loan given payable in a months time.
  • Shares - amount is contributed towards the growth of the chama. The amount is sometimes used to gauge the Maximum amount a member can be loaned.
  • Welfare - amount is contributed towards helping a member in need or in celebrating something like a graduation of a member
  • Accounts - manage all money going through the chama., the module is needed by most modules.
  • Meetings - manage meetings and minute, this module is managed by secretary.

There are notifications sent to members when events happen, this makes it easier for members to remember the when the next meetings is.

Welcome all as we take this journey


Mureithi Maina

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