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10 Tips in Change your Password Day

10 Tips in Change your Password Day
27 Apr, 2021 updated: 02 Feb, 2024 By Mureithi Maina Explainer 572

Today being Change your password Day, I will discuss digital security. Security is very important to anyone, and people including me tend to think and act like digital security is a non-issue, as long as the door is locked and the car door is locked and you don't walk on a dark alley at night you are secure. We make a lot of security features in our day to day, like a steel gate, steel door, multiple locks and more.

Digital security requires and actually need more of your attention if you have never seen you laptop webcam light blinking without your use it, it scares you to death. I had to format the hard disk and did not care what got lost, the attack left me more vigilant on security measures that never before. for example, I change my password every 6 months and I mean all of them (of the websites I actually use), I stopped using chrome to store my passwords and moved to dashlane and then Zoho Vault.

When creating your password make sure that.

  1. Make sure it is different for each website and not like one I hade a base password with several letters to identify the website, example 12345Pass@Fb for facebook and 12345Pass@Tw for Twitter. Terrible Idea.
  2. Be sure no one watches as you type your password, peeping toms are many.
  3. Always log off if you leave your device and anyone is around—it only takes a moment for someone to steal or change the password.
  4. Use comprehensive security software and keep it up to date to avoid keyloggers (keystroke loggers) and other malware.
  5. If you can do not enter a password on computers you don't own. University students put keyloggers in cyber cafe computers.
  6. Your password is your Secret, don't share it with anyone it is your and yours alone.
  7. Create strong passwords that are easy to remember but hard to guess, use things that you know combined with other secrets you know to create a secure password, like the year you grandma gave you your favourite toy in backwards combined with special keys and Secret name of the toy. read more here
  8. Check your password strength on sites that offer this feature or you can use How Secure is your Password,  that tells you how long your password will take to crack.
  9. Depending on the information you are protecting change your password often. Example many people have an email that can reset all their accounts, this is sensitive change every 3 months for better security.
  10.  The best advice I can give is, Use a password manager, for crying out loud, it will help will all the above just create a long complicated password that you change yearly of course and you are set. It is hard at first but as you get used to it you will love it.

As you #changeyourpassword remember all the above and be secure alone

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