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Internet and IOE

Internet and IOE
19 Oct, 2016 By Mureithi Maina Explainer 953

I really enjoy the topic of IOE, i quite 'cool' to think of a world where everything is online, this could mean the death of IT technicians or a boom to the technicians where they are wanted all over. Don't get me wrong am as positive as they get but, if you think about it, as devices get smarter they get smaller and cheaper meaning why spend KSh. 200 for repair on a device you can get for KSh. 1000? As Eli the Computer Guy says, this is really the end of it profession, having a CCNA is like having a tissue paper in the next few years of course for my fellow Kenyans.

On the other hand with you are good with embedded devices, and if Kenyans keep their social glue of sticking to what you own just fix it, you all gonna make millions repairing devices. But as an it guy i really dout that a Kenyan will replace their metallic doors for a raspberry pie powered security system. quite the opposite really. do you know how many years it took to get people interested in a simple cheap crappy fridge.

So you may relax the IOE/IOT is really not going to affect Kenya, unless you give internet for free using wide range wireless access points. but who are we kidding Hon Sonko tried, never going work. i don't like ending something on the negative, on the positive side of things Fibre Home is almost covering the country though not as cheap as you want it why not install and share with the neighbors. Also Zuku and Safaricom are offering fibre for slam areas at give always prices. Imagine 2000 installation 1000 per month got me thinking of moving there..