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Atom Editor turn to IDE

Atom Editor turn to IDE

Atom has been winning developers hearts slowly over time, i especialy liked it when they introduced git integrated to it, to my humble opinion git integration is done the best with atom. i mean i have used net-beans and PHPStorm over the last year and a half since i made my move to Linux.

Developing in atom is not perfect because sometimes code is copied and pasted in the wrong place and notice when it runs. making an ide will solve this problems and finally i will switch from PHPStorm for good as i did Adobe Dreamweaver 2 years ago.

According to GitHub the following features will be added:


Autocomplete is enabled in all the ide packages we are shipping today. Start typing to get improved results. Some providers may require you to manually trigger autocompletion by pressing CtrlSpace for performance reasons.


You can see diagnostics by clicking the red exclamation mark and yellow warning triangle at the bottom left of your Atom window. This will open the new Diagnostics pane that shows you the errors and warnings and allow you to click them to jump right to that location in the code. You will also see indicators to the left of line numbers in the editor itself.

Find all references

Position the text cursor in the class or variable you are interested in then activate Find all references either from the right-mouse button menu or Find References: Activate from the command palette.

Some providers allow you to reformat the document. Simply select Code Format: Format Code from the command palette.


Go to definition

Ctrl click on a class or variable reference to be taken directly to where it is defined within your project.


Hover the mouse pointer over a type or other supported object and you can see some additional information relating to it.

Outline view

Many providers let you see a tree-based outline view of the current document which you can search and then click to go right to that area of code. You can toggle the new Outline View from the View menu or the Outline View: Toggle command.

Reference highlighting

Some providers let you see immediate references to the variable or object you are working on. Positioning your text cursor within that variable can highlight other references instantly.

With these features it reaches a usability standard in Linux no other IDE has reached in my humble opinion especialy if they leave it to be lightweight as they promised. The closest  open source and free IDE is Net-beans but it used java, and personal i think java is resource hungry and thats why i cannot wait to move from PHPStorm.