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Need for an Independent Consumer Protection Organization Organization

Need for an Independent Consumer Protection Organization Organization
08 Feb, 2024 updated: 01 Mar, 2024 By Njeri Macharia Explainer 820

Despite having an advisory council, the Consumer Protection Act of 2012 does not include a board with which parties who have been wronged can file complaints. We require a full-fledged, devolved, independent organisation whose only responsibility is safeguarding consumers, regardless of whether it is an intentional exclusion or oversight.
Despite being centralised domestically, the Competition Authority of Kenya (CAK), the exclusive handler of consumer complaints, has performed admirably. Its tribunal, however, covers a wide range of weak positions that undermine customer-centeredness. The range of consumer rights encompasses a multitude of domains.
Kenya needs a body with national personnel, the authority to punish violators, and the ability to take up issues establishing minimal, negotiable consumer rights. Kenyans are impacted by the absence of a monitoring system to separate metamorphosis compromise on product quality and standards.
A consumer organisation should end unfair and dishonest company practices, educate customers on their rights and responsibilities, encourage reporting, and respond promptly to complaints.
Kenyans require a proactive organisation like the National Consumer Council of South Africa or the Bureau of Consumer Protection of America to service their requirements effectively, the quality of their products and the economic ramifications.