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Technology can and do boost economy

Technology can and do boost economy

Data centres, fibre and mobile wireless networks have struggled to improve affordable, consistent, high-speed internet connecting to under-served communities. This prompted micro soft's Airband initiative, which uses TV white space [unused broadband frequencies between TV channels] to deliver inclusive connectivity.
With initiatives like Airband addressing connecting needs, small-to-medium-sized enterprises [SMEs] can leverage the power of cloud-based tech, which removes the potential roadblocks-high cost of infrastructure, access to new tech and investment needed to diversify business for a larger audience- to establishing and growing a small business.
The constant need to invest in system upgrades, to maintain a security system, for example, are further costs saved by an SME that has migrated to the cloud, where updates are automatically made by the cloud vendor.
Continuous updates give peace of mind from a security standpoint, as does the automated backing of data. If needed, data recovery from the cloud, as opposed to an - premises system, is quite quicker, which in turn spells less business downtime.
Fluctuating demand in a constantly evolving marker puts pressure on an SME finite resources. For small businesses, the ability to quickly and easily scale up or down on IT services is a cost-saving feature of the cloud that enables agility.
Recently surveyed tech-decision makers indicated they planned to increase cloud spending by 68 per cent this year. This demonstrates the critical role cloud-based technology will play in enabling inclusive economic recovery, with SMEs able to innovate quicker and more securely at a much lower cost

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